Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.
― Lena Dunham (via a-thousand-words-reads)
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If celery is 90% water, is the ocean 10% celery?


i need to know for school

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cool college guy recipe:

  • hot dog on pizza

what you will need:

  • hotdog
  • pizza
  • oven


  1. 1hotdog
  2. preheat oven
  3. hotdog on pizza
  4. pizza in oven
  5. microwave timer set to 20 minutes, smoke a bowl and toss the  pigskin cuz thats what cool college guys do t hese days they are jock/stoner hybrids
  6. 6 ding fries are done hot dog pizza

Do you do weddings

i do whatever the hell i waint

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